Thursday, October 08, 2009

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello again. Checking in before the working weekend begins. Still doing the same job at the same place but now I'm working as supervisor until they find a permanent one. This is nowhere NEAR a glamorous job, especially since I try to attract as little attention as possible. But, I do have a really nice crew that I'm working with right now and it makes it a lot easier. I have a Spiritualist Nursing assistant who swears that her spirit tells her when patients are in trouble. I wish she had a really useful spirit that would tell me what the Megabucks numbers were going to be or that would keep the patients in their beds and not asking for anything when the new season of 24 starts on Sunday. Can I get an AMEN? And here we have the reason that I didn't update for so long...I was on a writer's strike also! I still haven't received any benefits, but I get paid about 50% more than I was getting paid. (Pause for multiplying times zero)

I almost considered making a political post at the beginning of the month, but (probably wisely) held my tongue. Let's just say I am very happy about the outcome, but I still haven't figured out what I'm going to wear to the Inaugural Ball. What DOES a coatcheck girl wear??

I hope everyone is doing well and staying ahead of the game for the holidays!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I keep saying that I'll start posting again and never do. So, I'm just going to go ahead and do it. My old template was SO old that I decided just to scrap it for now and then I'll edit it later.

Both kids are in high school now and that is good and bad. Good, they're independent and don't need a babysitter...Bad, they have a million and one activities and places to be and can't drive yet. So, taxi service is open! Fortunately, they are both enjoying high school and I don't have too many dramas except that my son (my BABY) has had two girlfriends already this year and is now chatting up a third. YIKE.

The animals are just as crazy as ever. The dogs are mellowing out a bit. We tried them on a raw diet over the summer and that worked out okay except that it was costing 150-200+ a month. So, we put them back on Kibble (yeah, we suck) But! It's really good Kibble. I'll put a plug in for it because it is really the best. No grain, no junk, 75% less Melamine than other leading brands(LOL): Innova EVO The stuff is pretty expensive, but not 200 bucks a month expensive. The dogs tolerate it, but with quite pointed stares at me when I'm cutting up raw chicken for dinner.

Yoda the Wondercat™ is a big clown who keeps all of the other animals on their feet. He loves to run into the room and get the dogs fired up, then race off to another part of the house with them on his heels.

We did have some sadness: Fluffy, my old guy passed away earlier this year. He was the best friend anyone could have ever had and he had a very long, happy and spoiled life.
RIP my buddy, there's plenty more of that where you're at!