Thursday, June 30, 2005

The one where Hugo is introduced

okay, I DID do more on the collage. who knew there could be so much to do in one teeny postcard sized project?? I realized now that I am done that I need some gloss medium, because the whole thing is way too matte. I added a piece of embroidered silk organza that my mum gave me..twisted around in the shape of a butterfly, with a cutout piece of the angelina as the body. I used a little tobacco ink to age a few areas, but I don't know how successful I was. I took a gold dabber and went around the edges a bit. In other news, I also prepared some muslin for printing, and it is drying now. The postcard is also drying, and I'll scan it in the morning so I don't get glue on my scanner bed. I also pinned another piece of the purple with batting in readiness to quilt tomorrow, ha HA! Well, blogger isn't updating tonight, so I won't see this, and neither will you until who knows when. When you do, you MUST go and see this cat.
Hugo the Cat PLEASE go and see this cat. He is so freakin hilarious. He has a catster photo book (at the top left near his name) Click on it, and the pictures on the 2nd page are the jewels. These people lost what was ever left of their lives when this cat came along!

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Sharkeysday said...

Very cute cat! What a ham, eh?
good luck on your project....sounds like a great goal.