Thursday, June 30, 2005

The One Where I Cut Scraps

So far today, I've scanned my collage, tweaked it a little bit in pictureit to make it look like a mural (but for some reason, after I save it, I can't see it anywhere???) Next, since there has been a discussion of using small scraps on the quilt art list, I decided to go out and start canvassing my scraps. I cut up a bunch of stuff I had into littler scraps, and I'm going to use those for the "anything but cotton" postcards and for the Purple postcards. I think there's even some I can use for the Trees, yay. I have NFI how I'm going to piece them or use them...but I did find a large scrap of tulle which will probably come in handy. Next up, where the hell is my Bo-Nash powder????

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