Sunday, June 26, 2005

The one where we get our loan!

Okay, so I didn't get much done today, but we did get our loan to get some of the renovations done, so that was exciting! New Sewer, here we come! woo hoo! Anyway, I got home and to sleep around 10am, and the kids/dog/honey woke me around 4ish in the usual "boy, you've had a lot of sleep" kind of way that usually transpires if I sleep past 3pm. I was awake enough so that I didn't argue that 6 hours was not "a LOT of sleep" And I'm excited about the loan, so that got me going. I hope tomorrow to get up a little bit earlier and start adding things to my collage. It is Purple and Yellow with Bronze touches so far, and I'm thinking of making it floral themed...since it looks like a big pansy anyway. I have to figure out a way to use fabric items in it so that I can use it in my swap, but if not, maybe I'll send it to Rob's mom, or Ruthy. Work is quiet tonight, thank goodness, so I have gotten a lot done here, anyway. Only one more day til the weekend is over. Man, I love my schedule!

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