Saturday, July 02, 2005

The one where I eat Lobster!

Today, I was able to cover the purpley block with the tulle, pin it and get it ready for stitching or embellishing...or whatever I'm going to do with it. I can't find my fantasy fabric book, so I couldn't read up on that. I also printed out some of my clips onto Muslin, and cut out one of the vintage lady things and fused it to the purple collage. as you can see, I didn't get anything scanned, but I will try to do that when I wake up today. Other than that...We went out to Dinner at the Weathervane...Lobster...yummmm AND steamers! The first of the season is always the best. I'm at work, working with the most ANNOYING nurse known to Man or beast alike. It wouldn't be so bad if she weren't so freakin NICE, AND she not only GRATES the sensibilities, she is also chatty. GRRR. so, I'm at the "employee internet depot" by the break room, escaping. That's about it. I'll check back later.

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