Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!! And Puppy Fat Ramblings

I must have missed the oft repeated paradigm that is, "ye shall blog before midnight, lest ye fall asleep yet then shall ye not rest too well and toss and turn and generally make the dog anxious and the cat disgusted until ye arise yet again." Damn. Well, today is Rob's and my first wedding anniversary! We did the reverse of the 7 year itch, in that we lived together for 7 years, then decided commitment was in order (actually AN order from our realtor and loan officer, but who's counting?)
So, onto yesterday's accomplishments. I finished 3 of the "anything but cotton" cards, and I also got all of the completed cards signed and addressed. I'd like to take a picture of all of them before I send them out because MY god, these things have been a real bitch to get finished!! I am also a little bit nervous, because it seems that there is a new postal regulation going into effect in Canada that would generally prohibit the sending of these cards, and I have probably about 5 or 6 of them addressed to Canada!! eh? wtf?
In other news, our puppy is a big fat pig. I have pictures to prove it, but the batteries are dead in the camera, and I'm too lazy to go and sneak into my son's room to steal BACK some of MY double A's. I guess that miss personable has been charming everyone around her into giving her treats. The daycare she goes to has doggy gourmet baked goods, and I suspect they slip her one every now and again. My son stops by there and picks her up a biscotti nearly every day, she consumes extra jumbo dental bones at an alarming rate and we've closed our eyes too long to a mindbogging amount of "under the table" food slippage. So, Poor Kai has to go on a little diet. I didn't think it would ever be necessary, because when we got her, they told us that they were so pleased they had gotten her up to 30 lbs. (she had been quite sick with kennel cough when she was a puppy) Elkhounds DO have a rather great propensity for obesity, though, so we have to be careful. She also has a much smaller bone structure than other elkhounds I've seen, so she might not be able to support much extra weight. I say, I love animals with a little extra pudge and why should she be any different from the rest of the adults in this house?? (because the kids are scrawny little chickens)
Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of links for the day

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BeckEye said...

My best friend and her now husband lived together for about 8 years before they finally got hitched. I have no doubt they'll be together forever. All this talk about living in sin is silly. Everyone should be forced to live together before getting married. You never know someone fully until you have to live with them.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!

I think living together should be mandatory : )