Monday, September 05, 2005

And this Bird will never Chayayayange...

Okay, a funny blogger type story. I don't know what it is that turns bloggers into Andy Rooney, but here is MY contribution to the rest of the tripe.

My co-worker in crime asks me lots of questions. She's an older woman, very dry...seems like she dislikes all of her patients, but I get along with her okay. She's one of those people who can expound for HOURS on things she can't stand, and as long as she's only expecting an "uh huh," "are you kidding?" or "right...?" then I don't mind it. For the most part, she leaves me alone and lets me do whatever I want to do. But, she's the queen of the "weird-out-of-the-blue-question." The kind that have no obvious preceding inspiration, but which seem to have been brewing in her head waiting to be asked. Sometimes, I get the idea that she really doesn't care as much about the answer as she does about getting me to talk. So, I play along. If I scare her off, then I'm up sh*ts creek, and they'll send me some nurse pollyanna who wears white all the time or some crap. So, my point (and-I-do-have-one) is, she asks me, "Do you listen to a lot of southern rock music?"

Me: (quizzical look) Nooo.....not...really...
Her: Well, my sister is going to see some band that's playing....(thinks)...I can't remember the name of it..
Me: Lynyrd Skynyrd? Molly Hatchet??
Her: No, it's a band, not a person
Me: (chuckling inside)Okay, Um...Allman Brothers?
Her: No.
Me: Charlie Daniels Band, ZZ top? Marshall Tucker?
Her: No..No (frowns)
Me: 38 special? Outlaws? Black foot? Georgia Satellites?

Suddenly, I sort of fade away into my own head in horror...I DO listen to a lot of southern rock! holy crap! This is a revelation to me, or maybe just a confession. Who knows. When I was in High school, the kind of people I hung around with (or lets just say WANTED to hang around with) didn't listen to "southern rock" or ANY popular rock, which included, Journey, Rush, Chicago, etc. Sooo...being the conformity junkie that I was at the time (pictures of me wearing rubber O-ring bracelets, felt hats and Oversized blazers to be shared later) *I* "didn't like" them either. Or listen to them. Or buy their music. I mean...Southern Rock, that's like VERY few degrees separated from that OTHER horror, "Country Music" However, back then and certainly NOW, I could possibly at any given time, be caught singing along VERY loudly to "Today's Tom Sawyer" or "So caught up in You." While driving my son to the airport to go to Mississippi a few months back, he played a mixed CD which had "Free Bird," and he was surprised that I knew every single lyric. So was I, for that matter. But, that didn't clue me into the very important fact that *I* listen to a lot of southern rock. I do! ME! Could a trailer be too far ahead in my future??

Anyway, the band turned out to be "Little Feat" And I never listened to any of that crap. Well, except for Dixie Chicken...but how could you NOT? and yes, I know all of the lyrics. Or, enough to embarrass my son in the car in traffic.


Anonymous said...

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Robin said...

hehehe I was thinking maybe of getting rid of this spamment, but I went to the website and I got a very..."Jonestown" vibe from the whole thing...WTF?? Can anyone figure out WHAT it is about?