Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Don't Make This Stuff Up, I Just Blog It

Okay, true FUNNY FUNNY Story dealing with knitting (sort of)!! I was at my local yarn store browsing for a ton of shite few things (<==totally stole that from Michelle LOL) and it was a grand opening, so there was a bunch of people there. So, there was this woman in her 50's or 60's and HER mother with her. The saleswoman turned to the mother (I'm guessing 80's,90's) and said,"Can I help you find a few things?" The old lady replied,"oh no honey, I'd have to live to *200* to use up all of the yarn I have now!" Then she emits this HWERKing cough---I swear to god, every woman in the place whipped her head around and started squinting her eyes calculatingly"ESTATE SALE!!!!That poor woman! What can *I* do to get my hands on some grief-strickenly cheap yarnHelp her???"

I have a feeling she won't make that 200 mark, poor dear.

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Michelle said...

LOL I love it. Now let me enable you to buy more yarn and more fabric.

Mwah hahahaha