Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Screw you guys...I'm goin houme

So...I started my self portrait today. Although I had an idea that it wouldn't look a LOT like me, I honestly didn't expect that it would look like frickin CARTMAN!!! Well, at least that is funny. I was sitting out in my studio wondering how I wanted to set up the self portrait...whether I wanted to do a sort of whole cloth thing or..I don't know, maybe a collage a la Susan Carlson, when Lo...what did my wondering ears hear from the TV in the other room? Alex Anderson introducing Susan Carlson...WHOA. So, I went out and saw that show, although I've read her book like a kajillion times, and even started a collage of fluffykins using her style. Cool! So, anyway, I took my own picture...always a lesson in humility for me. Then blew it up and printed it out, then used it to sort of cut out elements and collage them onto a face. Here it is
I couldn't Iron out that infuriating fold in the chin, so I am hoping that quilting will take care of that. Also, now that I look at it, my eyes aren't that close together. yike. So, here is the self portrait with auditioning fabrics for the borders

I guess I'm going to have to update when I get a lot closer to done. This looks like a project straight out of State School, Yo.


Michelle said...

I love Simply Quilts. And for the record you DO NOT look like Cartman! At least your quilted self portrait doesn't!

Robin said...

LOL! Thanks, I fixed the eye issue, I guess it wasn't cartman, but maybe cartman's mom, which is SO just as bad!