Wednesday, December 28, 2005

meanie me

I think I have mentioned before about my mother in law, who is very VERY nice and has many great qualities to recommend her. I believe I may have also mentioned that I am a rude obnoxious bitch who must must MUST knock others down in order to feel good about myself. That being said, this is the sitch. Some people LOVE sofa art. Some people believe that it should be burned in a large bonfire and sacrificed to the gods of good taste. Guess which one *I* am? Unfortunately, I am married to the OTHER type and he bought his mum some LUUVERLY artwork to hang in her home, which she cannot hang now, due to downsizing. So, she told us that she is keeping them in storage for us so that we can hang them over OUR sofa! Honey doesn't know it, but I've replaced his sofa art with decaf...let's see if he notices....

Before: Lovely, tranquil...restful.

After: Better. MUCH MUCH better.

I'm going to hell. I really am.

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