Monday, January 02, 2006

Shopping with the Cleavers

It's a great day when I can go for a quick trip to the grocery store and find 3 things to blog about. I didn't have a whole lot to say the month of december because for the most part, I was avoiding the shopping crowds and clicking away online to buy everything. Out and about in the crowds and dealing with people, I am POSITIVE I would have had more to say AND I would have a nice long mandated vacation on the state's dime. So, on with the hilarity. The first thing I saw when I walked into the store was a huge setup of all of the leftover christmas stuff on sale 1/2 price. So, I was poking over that and I noticed that someone had discarded a can of coffee there...Kind of like, "Hmmm, these candy canes are 13 cents...guess I don't need to buy that name brand coffee after all!" Whoa. The next thing wasn't FUNNY per se, but it was business as usual. The display AFTER the leftover Xmas items was a HUGE pile of Grapefruits and Fresh Vegetables. I was not aware that it was a peak season for peppers and asparagus. "Cmon lardass, time to work on those New Year's Resolutions!" So, on to one of the aisles and there is a small cardboard display of Baker's chocolates that were on sale 1/2 price also. I was standing there staring at it, debating whether it would be worth buying a bar of it, when I saw a small pad of coupons fixed to the front of the display. Since I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, it took me a few beats to realize how odd it was that there was a coupon to save $1.00 on produce when buying bacon bits along with Kraft dressing. WTF?? Hey, I love bacon as much as the next tramp, but even *I* balk at sprinkling it in my brownies.

I am usually sort of ambivalent about doing New Year's resolutions, so I was surprised to find myself making a long list of them during a slow point at work the other night. They are probably wayyy too long and boring to list completely here, but I will start with a few that occurred to me right away.

*Get rid of useless dead weight. Silly trinkets and "time-vampire" friends are chief on my list, but I am also speaking in the literal sense of my OWN dead weight. I have to say that I have made WILDFIRE headway on this list already!

*Put a picture of myself in my Blog. I'm so vain (I probably thought this post was about me) that I automatically nix pictures of myself immediately. I doubt I have a single full view of my face anywhere on my computer or any other place for that matter. Of course, I am speaking of in, the last 7 years or so. I love it when I read other blogs and get to see the people behind them and I know that I am being overly mysterious by only posting cartoons of myself, so this is YOUR year, folks. (Aren't YOU lucky!?)

*Do not buy any art supplies unless I have worked at least one extra shift in the same week AND need the particular supply for a current project.

*Go through my studio, straighten up and collect enough items to make a multi-media art pack to put on ebay. I will make at least one pack each month until my collection is brought under control. I will NOT use the money I make to replenish the hole that the pack made. No, seriously, I won't!

*I have a few that I am keeping to myself, since they smack of ambition and as you all know, I have banished ambition from my life. (hmmm...I guess I screwed that up when I started writing out New Year's resolutions)

So, that is it. I'm gonna play with my pen tablet some more before bedtime. Have I mentioned that it is the COOLEST thing ever?

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