Friday, January 06, 2006

Tessie's Great Adventure

Sometime in the spring, we were working outside and the cats were looking out the door at us and looked like they wanted to come out. We brought Tessie out on her leash and she sidled around close to the house, circled the bushes and went inside shortly after. Since we are freaks and actually supply conversations for our animals on an oh...well at least DAILY basis, Tessie had a conversation with Babby telling her about her adventures for the day. As such, since she was very young at the time, she tended to embellish her stories, and the birds she saw turned into Eagles, and then the Eagle took her for a ride! For whatever reason, we LOVED that eagle story, and now whenever Tessie is doing something anything...BREATHING, for god's sake, she is looking for her eagle. Babby sneered at Tessie about the whole story, so we decided to supply evidence that Tessie's adventure really happened. The other cats are quite jealous about the whole thing. News at 11.

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arlee said...

omg i thought my darling and i were the only people who did that.....:}