Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Warrior

(I finished this AFTER the weekend was over)

I am in the middle of a glorious working weekend, and I find that during each one, I hear about or experience MORE reasons why I am SO glad that I work weekends. AND nights. So, for all of you who don't understand the attraction, I thought I'd make a list of what is so great about my working schedule.

1. Reading the blogs of people who work DAYS. It all sounds so...unfortunate! I mean, everyone is running around trying to get to work on time, dealing with traffic, dealing with daycare, (hmm, I'll have to put up a list of why I love having teenaged kids sometimes--I have to remind myself that there ARE benefits every now and again)

2. This sort of continues question 1, but because I am not running the rat race, I find that I rarely ever have road rage (anymore!) and I don't mind waiting. Not at the deli counter, not at the pharmacy, not the motor vehicle dept, not even holding for customer service on the phone. I feel bad for people who apologize for keeping me waiting...they're just trying to keep up like everyone else who works days and stuffs so much into their schedule.

3. This one is both a detraction AND a benefit of working weekends: The kids are home all weekend and I could be immersed in their goings on for the only 48 hours I have off. I think you know where I am going with this. On the flip side, during school vacations, I don't have to receive 98798789 phone calls at work about how this one is being selfish and won't let that one play on his/her gameboy; Instead, I can be right THERE to hear about it. (Wait, am I still listing benefits??)

4. #3 being said, I am still the last one the kids see before they go off to school, and the first one that they see when they come home. I am there to make sure they have a breakfast of some kind and don't go off to school mixing plaids with prints or wearing a skirt that doesn't cover their asscrack. I can usually just run straight in to bring tylenol, meds or a forgotten project. I am there to make sure they are doing their homework and not hanging out in the streets scaring old ladies or making crank phone calls when school lets out.

5. If I have a bad day at work, I know that I will only have to come back, at most, 2 more days to deal with the nonsense, before my 'work week' ends.

6. I get plenty of reading done!

7. Weekend television sucks anyway, so I'm not missing anything

8. Because it is a "hardship" to work nights and every weekend and do 1/3 of the work that everyone else does, I get paid roughly WAY too much more than the daydrones.

9. Monday to ME means Joy. :)


Christine said...

Girl, what's your email? Put it on your profile if you like. I need to ask you about an event I'm planning. :)

Mike said...

I'm with you on all that. Course, I work odd hours so traffic, even in ATL, is hardly ever a hassle for me.

Ginger said...

I like Mondays too :)