Friday, March 10, 2006

But it's a Dry Heat...

Finally getting the architecture postcards finished up (I SUCK!) I thought I'd put my new Epson cx4600 through its paces and try the scan feature. It was a little persnickety, and I'm still not sure I won't have to bring the whole thing back. I got it for $40 under regular price, and another $10 off for getting the floor model, but I DID make sure I got a 2 year warranty, since I heard that the print heads can clog on these really easily. Since it was the demo, the ink was low and the ink light keeps blinking and it won't print ANYTHING, not even a faded, there might be something wrong and I might have to bring it back and upgrade to a 4800...oh dear.

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Christine said...

Looks cool!

BTW, to get HaloScan, just go to and sign up. They can put the code right in your template. It tracks IP addresses and is generally much better than Blogger commenting.