Thursday, March 16, 2006

OMFG! 911 ASPCA ASAP!!!! A.K.A "A Rough Life" Revisited

Well, since Blogger is being a butt, I am hoping this will publish. I am trying to be patient, because it IS a free service, after all...but just kind of annoying.

At the North Central Mass Bloggin Bitchez Alliance (NCMBBA) First Annual Conference and Orange Julius Swill (TM), the conversation turned to our pets and their various attributes as well as abuses rained upon their innocent little heads by us, their undeserving slaves. I have uploaded this, as an example of the horror. Kai comes home from a hard day of playing with puppies at Daycare and can hardly hold her head we run upstairs and get the tempur-pedic foam pillows from the bed? Oh no. She gets a ratty old couch pillow. As you can see, she is horrified and can barely keep her eyes open from the torment.

Here is another example:

Do you see any lambswool in the basket on the left? No? I didn't think so. That poor kitten is in there with NO padding whatsoever. I can't watch's just so...awful.


Christine said...

Ahh, but she's cute. I'm jealous!

If you wanna see more cute dogs, check out my friend Sally's labs:

Michelle said...

It's hard out there for a pet! The treats, the skritchies behind the ears, napping the day away.

Karen said...

Verrrrrry cute! {woof, meow, slobber, lick}

Thanks for visiting my place & Happy St. Paddy's Day backacha!

margalit said...

Hey, how come I wasn't invited. I live in MA.

My cat spends the entire day on my bed snoozing, but when I want him to snuggle with me, he gives me a filthy look and slinks back upstairs. Worthless pet.

here via michele

Laura said...

She looks soooo comfy! My cat likes to find bags to sleep inside of, I put a pict of it on my site a few days ago.

Your cats look a lot more comfortable!

Thanks for stopping by my site, nice to meet you!

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Well I don't know about these poor abused animals but I so want to be at the next NCMBBA meeting ;)

Her Accessories said...

If only all pets could be pampered... :) unfortunately not all of them are so lucky!

Nikki-ann said...

Such a hard life :)

utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Robin, to witness this horrid abuse.

Whoever said it's a dog's life as an insult obviously didn't have a firm grasp of how pets live. I am quite envious!

atpanda said...

That is a good looking dog! Your pup is at daycare? Lucky!