Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bookworm Thursday

I went to the library yesterday afternoon and got 3 books out. Each one of them, I read a few pages and had to put down. BOORRRRING!

#1: Naked Conversations: Long story short? Employees who blog make businesses seem friendlier, YAY! Now how do we manage to say this enough to fill 272 pages?

#2: Don't Know Much About Mythology: This guy has written a couple of other books, one of which I listened to on tape, 'Don't Know Much About The Civil War'. This one, however, was a yawn fest.

#3 If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things: Well, then I guess they'd say alot about this book. I don't even know what it is about, to tell you the truth. I felt a coma coming on midway through the third page.

I did get Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD, though. I am that person you may have heard of who hasn't read this entire series; see me, FEAR ME! I am also the most ardent Stephen King fan who HADN'T read "Dreamcatcher," but I started taking it to work and somehow managed to get into it and finally finished it. I couldn't get into it at ALL after it was first written. I even got a cool new term to use from it...SHIT WEASEL!

What popular books out there have YOU never read, either?


utenzi said...

Michele sent me to see you Robin!

The most recent book I read that is on the Best Sellers List is Freakonomics and I read that two weeks ago.

Teh two library books I have out right now are The City of Falling Angels, written by the guy that did Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and also Ordinary Heroes by Scott Turow. I've started the first book and it's pretty good so far. Very similar to his other book.

srp said...

Right now I only have a couple of books out from the is a field guide to wildflowers and the other is the guide to birds. Trying to figure out what birds are outside the window and what flower is growing in the front yard. These would be very boring to read.

Here from Michele.

Leslie Shelor said...

There are too many for me to tell about; popular literature and popular music usually pass me by. Movies, too. I'm just out of touch!

Thanks for visiting my blog via Michele! And it's great to meet another fiber person, too! Careful of those bunnies; they snared me while I wasn't looking!

kenju said...

I have never read any Stephan King - because I hate to be scared!

Thanks for the visit - and you may copy my shelves anytime...LOL

Deb R said...

" What popular books out there have YOU never read, either?"

Loads. Since you mention Stephen King - lots of his. I gave up on him after Pet Semetary (which I threw across the room in disgust at the ending) but I will admit that a few of his recent ones have tempted me to break my self-imposed SK ban. Maybe someday.

I refuse to read anything by Nicholas Sparks.

I have read the DaVinci Code, but I was one of the last people I know to do so. I resisted the ype for months. (Turned out I liked it.)

Many more, I'm sure, but those are some I can think of off-hand.

Thanks for dropping by my blog today!

Ben said...

I'm unfortunately not a bookworm, so I can't help you out; but have a nice weekend over there.


Ravvy said...

Hahah i have to agree with Debr on a point she made about being disgusted with endings of some books... i would actually have to say that next to being a slack arse and not going out to get more books to read, or in actual fact, to read them, that the endings of many books i HAVE read halted my reading experience for a while *few years plus plus* but i think i should get back into it... i might learn to speak real ENGLISH one day rather than the mixed up RAVISH i speak now :)

another reason for having NOT been reading of late... i found out that going out and having fun with people on a regular basis took up most of my time and reading would only happen during my sleep times which then would make me grumpy the next day...
AAAAAH... they say... :)
Happy Easter, via Michele's today!

My float said...

I wasn't able to read the Harry Potter series for years...and then read them all in about a week!

Terri said...

Hi..Michele sent me today.
I'm guilty of never having read one Harry Potter book, I'm afraid. Haven't read a lot of the Classics either.
Right now I'm reading Philip Roth's The Plot Against America and just finished Marley and Me...both are excellent and I highly recommend them.

Dawn Falcone said...

I, too have never read a Harry Potter book & have only seen one movie. I've never read any Stephen King, either. I have been very tempted to read some of his short stories.
Thanks for visiting my site, via Michele's.

vanx said...

I would avoid any of the "Don't Know Much About...blank" series, as well as the "blank...For Dummies" series.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

I've never read any Harry Potter either...but not cause I'm not interested. I've resisted b/c I want to wait & read them all at once when I finish uni!

I have 2 books out from the library. One is about the Dead Sea Scrolls & the other is a guide to world religions.

Misty said...

I've read all the HP books. Couldn't make it through Dreamcatcher if you propped my eyes open with toothpicks and tortured me. If you need an awesome book to read, try The Timetravelers Wife...I loved it!