Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meme Tuesday

This is one that I made up...because I like to convince myself that I am important!

Top Bizarre Pet Peeves
1. I hate fidgeting
2. I hate people's feet touching me
3. I hate it when people fidget with things with their FEET; example: kids picking the laundry basket up with their feet, or turning it over and putting their feet on it.
4. I hate hugging people that I don't know VERY well and will sneak out of a lot of functions early without saying goodbye if I suspect that people will try to hug me goodbye.
5. I hate it when I hear phrases repeated over and over; Example: “Mom..mom...mom...mom..."

Top Choices that Prove I am Actually a 13 yr old boy
1. Movie choices; example: Dumb and Dumber (or anything by the Farrelly Brothers), Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Wayne's World (I and II)
2. TV choices: South Park, Beavis and Butthead, The Simpsons, Cops
3. Personal tagline choice: “Hehe...you said [abut, abreast, caulk, Virginia etc...]

Top Phrases I Have Said that Prove I am Actually My Mother
1. “Could you please pick your feet up when you walk? You're shuffling like a freakin gorilla!”
2. Well, if you were wearing something on your feet, then that wouldn't have happened, now would it?
3. Could you pull your pants up? Everyone can see your crack! [hehe...I said CRACK!!]
4. Could you turn the Freakin' [Radio, Ipod, TV, Video Game] down? Jeezus...[You're going to go deaf, I can't hear myself think, The neighbors are calling the police]
5. Does the TV HAVE to be on?

Top Signs that the Apocalypse is Upon us
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a governor
2. Adrian Brody is an action hero
3. Tom Cruise is an annoying pest who charms NO ONE
4. Keifer Sutherland is a BADASS of Chuck Norris-ian proportion
5. Predicting the apocalypse by means of popular actors.


Rene said...

Too funny! Love the meme, I could cut and paste it and slap my name on it. BTW, I loved Harold and Kumar. I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy (I said BTW, snort snort)

Begered said...

Wow...maybe I am a 13 year old boy too! Love those movies and shows...and I do "Hehe you said..." at LEAST 2x a day with my very good friend.
Thanks for stopping by...and I do like Cobweb Commando! :)

Gypsy said...

Oh dear. Don't come to the south. We hug everyone. It's epidemic!

Loved the lists! And I'm here from Michele's today.

Star said...

Good Meme. Especially tje Apocolypse listings.