Friday, May 19, 2006

Oh World, FEAR Me Now!

I got an IPOD Shuffle for Christmas (yeah, stop being jealous) and in TRUE 30 Days fashion, I am just NOW getting the thing loaded up to use. I must say that my kids had their Ipods up and running within about 2.3 seconds of opening the wrappings. I, on the other hand...I like to ponder over such perplexing gifts; especially those that come with the dreaded--"INSTRUCTION MANUAL OF DOOM." I can't read instructions, not to save my freakin life. If something isn't totally obvious to me, and it isn't something necessary, like...oh, a ventilator to prevent respiratory can bet that it's gonna sit on the shelf until 'the right time.' Well, my 'right time' had come, so I plugged the thing into the computer and put in Itunes and started buying songs left and right, and downloading like nobody's business. The thing was, when I put the headphones on, no music! Since my nature is to assume that *I* did something wrong (who wouldn't?) the next logical step is to repeat the procedure about 298 times, or until red in the face, panting and popping anti-hypertensives like tic-tacs. It was time for the experts. Oh ye with little adolescents, surely YE can imagine the sighing and the rolling of eyes that ensued. And the just barely 'skating on the edge of patience' tones, as they explained that I just couldn't plug the Ipod in, that much much MORE needed to be done. Little bastards...did I mention they were adopted? I did right then, I'll tell you. The End. And that is how I came to be nominated for "Mother of the Year" (Your honor.)

I did eventually get the stupid thing running. I had a lot of fun downloading music for it, but why is it that when pressed for favorite songs or artists that you can never think of any?? Fortunately, I was able to think of a few. Some of my favorites: Round and Round, by Jo Potter, Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill, and Click, Click, Boom by Saliva, . Because, you know...they go well together, as well as pretty much demonstrating the sequence of events in one of my normal days.
So, what's on YOUR Ipod? (That I'm sure YOU had no trouble getting running)


panthergirl said...

OK, wait a minute. Why couldn't you just plug the iPod in? Could it be that you're using a PC? ;) Glad you finally got it going, but it really doesn't need to be that hard. I plug mine in, and it automatically updates with everything that's in my iTunes. I started with a Mini but I'm up to a 30GB now, because I also download books.

Here via michele, and glad she sent me. I'm going to keep on reading!

colleen said...

I am totally the same way...if it's not completely obvious it may as well be rocket science. I can only absorb so much technology. I think it's interesting that as it increases so does the use of anti-depressents. And then they update the stuff every couple of years to get you back into Walmart! I'm here from michele's too.

rocks said...

iPod? ha, I still have a vcr that flashes, I am not kidding.
The hubby will be getting one soon and I am sure after he shows me how to actually use the thing, it will be great!
good luck in your new techno world!

Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos said...

Hello Robin!

I just love my 60GB iPod... you can put anything in it! What's in my iPod? Well... lots of songs, videos, podcasts, books, etc. You name it! I think you just have to get used to it and then it won't be hard to know everything about it. Learn to love your iPod, lol!

Thank you for your visit yesterday!

Christine said...

I actually got a Dell DJ for my birthday -- last November. I was so intimidated by it that it took me months to actually download anything. But once I went for it, I was hooked.

Much like my musical tastes, what's on my "iPod" is extremely eclectic, ranging from Christina Aguilera to the Beatles to the Eagles. I just like music, man.

margalit said...

I've got an IPOD with 5 gigs and there is so much on there that I just let it shuffle and hope for the best. My son, who has a mini, often loads up itunes with a bunch of music he borrows from the library and then moves the stuff over to my ipod. So I'm more likely to get Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Pink Floyd, and the Clash than I am finding music that's current.

Here via Michele