Sunday, July 30, 2006

Providing Comfort, one Search Term at a Time

I felt a little bad when I saw that the following phrase (poems how how one feels when they are verbally abused in there marriage) led some poor soul to my blog in the early morning hours. Obviously not a big fan of the boolean search laws, but neither here nor there. Since there WAS no poem, only a number of unrelated terms which happened to be in that sentence, I thought I would put a few poems here so that those seeking empathy on the internet would not be disappointed. Please feel free to add any of your own ideas...this is meant to be therapeutic, after all!

Cherry Blossoms in Spring-An Inspired Haiku Series

oh no you didnt
don't make me come over there
dumbass mamma's boy

What is that shit now?
Your testicles rearranged
all is well again

Your face and my ass
a match quite similar, yes?
as well as the smell

many words for snow
so few car trunks in which to
store loudmouth husbands

I hope that these helped in some way to start the healing..


Michelle said...

Oh how the poems
should help the poor souls who have
the loudmouth husbands

arlee said...

Robin you poet
with the words so sarcastic
agrees this girl

Christine said...

Shut the fuck up now
That's what you said yesterday
I say it to you

Christine said...

One more:

Instead of Google
Why not use a little trick
I call the shut up

Deb R said...

Hilarious words
Sparked by pitiful search phrase
Make me laugh out loud