Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy 15th!

This is the cake we had for my daughter's birthday. A little early, because it was made by one of my husband's co-workers who only had time to make it this week. Everything is made from scratch (Including the lilies!) The cake itself is chocolate with cream cheese frosting and a strawberry filling. Really rich...we were all able to stick to teensy slivers without a problem!

Today, the weather is just and dry, perfect! I've already taken the dogs out for roughly 2 hours worth of walks, and they are just being wacky today. For creative pursuits, I am working on a large project called the All for One project. An artist cut some acrylic paintings up into ATC sized pieces and sent 6 different pieces at a time to several people. We will all work on altering them, then send them back, where she will put them back in the original order. A lot of fun, but as I am sure you can well imagine...I am LATE AGAIN! I am nothing, if not consistent!


Terri said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Really enjoying browsing yours....that cake is to die for! Yummy! And yet, only a sliver, you say?
Loved reading the 100 things about you...I see you're also from Mass. and also a nurse.
I'll be back to visit.

verniciousknids said...

Wow that cake looks divine...and sounds delicious too!

Thanks for visiting me.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for visiting my Journal. A good looking cake. Hope you & your daughter enjoy her birthday.

Christine said...

That cake is gorgeous! I don't care how rich you say it was -- I woulda had a big-ass piece! Of course, maybe that's why I have a big ass...