Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The one where I have a Heart on

This is yet another purple postcard which I am fiddling with so that I can avoid doing my TREE Postcards which are due to go out on Monday. I tried a technique that I was reading about in Quilting arts, making applique onto a transparent ground. I put The purple sun dyed cloth together with some batting, then cut out the center to make a frame. From the center piece, I cut out a heart (yeah, smarmy, I know, but I cut it from around a violet leaf shadow) Then I made a sandwich of (starting from the bottom up) the batting, organza, heart cutout, tulle, top purple frame. I satin stitched around the inside of the purple frame, then I satin stitched around the heart, then I FME'd around the whole center part. What is hard to see from the picture (thank god) is how PUCKERY the damned thing is. I had to fold the corners, then stitch them down to take some of the pucker out, and it is still there. After this, I am going to put it onto some kind of contrasting ground, then back it with muslin, and hopefully I will be able to just stitch it into submission.

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