Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The one where the first 30 days is up!

I just realized today that my first 30 days was up on Friday!! Actually, BEFORE Friday, which is good to know, since I didn't do a damned thing on Friday. I went through my posts to figure out what I've done this month. Here are the results.
June 23rd-July 22 30 days of DO

Projects Begun: 18 60% not sure what to call the ratio, but oh well!

Projects Finished: 8 --44% of Projects Begun.

Days that I worked in the studio or did something creative: 24/30 or 80% Not bad!

Different Media worked with: Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Poly, Angelina fibers (Mylar?), paper, Thread, Oil Sticks, Stamps, Fluid Acrylics, Gel Medium, Watercolors, Crayons, Wool, Ribbon, Ink, Tulle. I might have my definition of Media wrong, but I count 17.

These might be ignoramic statistics, and I'm not even sure that ignoramic is a word, but I feel pretty good about that 30 days. Now, since I'm the boss, and *I* get to say what is what, my next 30 days began yesterday, and will run til August 23rd. My goals this month are to Finish more projects, do more knitting, work out something which will make my weekends or working days more consistent. I'm thinking of setting a time minimum for Studio time so that I don't count working on something for 15 or 20 minutes a studio session. Not sure if I am being too hard on myself with that, or what. If anyone has any ideas, please help me out here!

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