Friday, July 15, 2005

The one where I show some of the purple postcards

Purple PCs Posted by Picasa
I stitched the CQ cards to the peltex using feather stitch to secure them, and now I might gussy up the pics a little bit. somehow there are a couple of the pc's missing that I still need to finish, God only knows where they are at this point. AH just found one on the scanner bed, and this one is my favorite, too. I'll finish that one and post it tomorrow. I have so many purple ones done, but I believe it is the tree swap that is going to be completed first, so I need to get my ass in gear on those. Funny that I did SO many trees for the landscape swap and now I drag my heels just to do one! I slept SO late today, but I guess it's okay to gear up for the weekend ahead. I really lazed around, since the shower was out of action because one of the tiles fell out while Rob was taking a shower! One of the shards cut his foot, too...I'm just glad it didn't land right ON his foot, they're VERY heavy! Looking at these pics, which were photographed on my kitchen table, makes me realize I REALLY need a new lighting system in there...the light is terribly orange. Soon, Soon...

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