Thursday, July 28, 2005

The one where I'm all puffed up

I DID actually do something on Wednesday, although a friend came in from out of town the day before and we spent all day long on Wednesday going shopping and gallivanting. I finished the birch tree card, but I'm really not happy with what I did, and I'm debating the merits of ripping out the stitching I did to the binding. I decided to put some funky fibers along the edges as I was stitching it, paid more attention to holding them in place instead of the top fabric, and as a result, it's all puffed up. (see exhibit A) I was thinking perhaps I could stitch from the top and take up some of the slack, but I"m not really sure how. I was also thinking I could put a running stitch across on each side, and make the puckering somehow more evened out?? just thinking out loud (???) here. I look at the damned thing and I'm sort of ashamed I'm thinking of finishing it at all or sending it out, for that matter!! Anyway, I had a good shopping day. My friend and I scored a hot tip on where to find these Crocs clogs that she turned me onto. I have been wearing these things nearly every waking moment since I got them. I have NO affiliation to the company, but I honestly think that they are the best shoes, EVER. Since I turned old and fat before my time, I have been plagued with back trouble and foot trouble. Not 'driving-a-scooter-at-the-supermarket' plagued, but I can't just wear any shoes (and especially not CLOGS??!?) and expect to walk around doing average things without a lot of pain. My friend told me about these things, and I was very skeptical, because she's always into "the latest greatest things" of THE day, but usually just for THE day. She finally went and BOUGHT me a pair, because she is the best friend EVER, and I put them on and voila! the results above. Anyway, these things are a BITCH to find, and I had ordered some from Snortstroms (on back-order til Christmas of 2009) and was waiting patiently. My friend makes a comment to a salesperson at a shop about the shoes, and showed them to her, and the woman said, "Oh yeah! the cardshop has them in the window 2 doors down!" WHAT??!? So anyway, down we went, and sure enough, there they were. I had wanted an extra pair to wear around every day so that I could wear my original pair to work, so I got 2 pairs, and called those other SOB's and told them where they could stuff their back-order. If you are a quilter/craft-er/mother/nurse reading this blog, please do yourself a favor and GET THESE SHOES. NO, they are NOT attractive, but they're only 30 bucks and worth every penny. oh, and plan to wear them with socks, or they'll be way too freakin hot. No charge for THAT hot tip. See the bounty that '30 days' provides its readers?? They are supposedly on sale at "Wild Oats" and you might be able to find them at a Hallmark card shop, like we did (I found mine at the Hallmark in Lunenburg, Mass) Write back when you have all tried them.

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