Thursday, July 28, 2005

The one where I am cranky and hate my work, and nearly referred to myself in the 3rd person for this overly long title

This stupid tree postcard thing is making me so mad. I can't believe I have no inspiration or motivation at ALL. I did, however, start two of them. They are so infuriatingly basic as to make me SCREAM, and I am forever going to self accuse me of "not applying" myself. They are glue-y, so no pics. I don't have the software installed on this computer to use either my card reader or my camera hookup thingy and I have no idea, in fact, where it is. I"m wondering if I should just hmm...maybe I DO have a semi inspiration. I can take pictures of the blighted "family tree" in front of my house. This poor sad Oak was planted in the sidewalk when the family previous to ours built the house 100 years ago, and the guy actually called it "The family tree." Well, appropriately enough, it was in the last stages of dying before the guy sold us the house, and has lurched malevolently over our street and sidewalk ever since, in a sort of tree zombie slumber. Last night we had a wind/rain/thunderstorm and a huge branch fell down in the street. Whoever it accosted must have had the presence of mind to drag it to the side of the road before they sought medical attention--Thanks Dude! Anyway, the tree is a big two pronged fork now, and I can hardly wait to get the town out here to dispose of it before it finally kills someone, or worse, falls on my car. Anyway, My point, and I DID have one, is that I will take pictures of it and see if I can work those into something. It now looks like the Joshua Tree, and not a cool one like the U2 album. Oh, we also found out today that it will cost 15 G's to fix our sewer line. Yee-frickin-haw.

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