Monday, July 18, 2005

The one where it is Sunday and I doodle with Gel pens

Another Sunday, and I'm sure, by now, that I am not ever going to be very productive on Sundays. I'm trying not to completely pooh-pooh the chance, but still...Mondays aren't the best, either, because I am so groggy from the weekend, but they are better than Sundays. Anyway, I brought that black paper journal to work with me tonight and doodled a bit with some of the gel pens and Prang metallic markers...very nice. I wish that I could think of something to just DOODLE about, but sometimes it seems a bit forced--sort of like the "playing" with materials that you are encouraged to do in different crafty things "there are no rules, just free...Meander!" whatever. I saw a couple of really cool blogs last night while surfing is a real...FEELGOOD page. My friends will enjoy it, I am sure. Also is well...what it says it is.. I had no idea that Family circus was so deep; I also had no idea that adults gave 2 craps about it! Kai seems to be getting back to her rambunctious self, and I'm going to have the kids take her to daycare tomorrow, so I'm sure she'll be ecstatic about that! Poor Rob has Flu symptoms and is worried he has West Nile because he was out mowing the "back 40" for nearly 2 days and was eaten alive. Okay, I just wanted to put SOMETHING in, sorry that it is so totally unrelated to my creative process or my studio, but thems the breaks!

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