Monday, July 18, 2005

The one where I figure out that I have to use explorer so that I can post pictures in my blog articles

First Postcard completed, just as I received my first purple PC in the mail today. Or, at least I think it was...because it DID have some purple in it. Now that I scanned this one, I see raggedy edges that I wish weren't there, so maybe I'll try snipping those or something. Back to the recap, for those of you just joining, this was part of a long strip of patchwork that I made by ransacking my scrap bag for little pieces. I cut the strip into 5 Postcards. The edges of the patches are not folded under, they are just secured under Tulle, and I featherstitched over that to (sort of) hide the raggediness. This one is kind of "boof-y" because the stitching showed on the back when I put the piece of muslin on, so I put an extra layer of batting to hide it. I think I'll just put an index card on the next one...don't want to have to pay a ton of extra postage.
I spent a long time at a fellow knitting blog today. This gal is very funny, and makes nice stuff! I was very sleepy, so I slept extra late for a Monday. Rob was home sick, but he feels better now. He thinks he might have some sort of sensitivity to Liquid Nails. Better than West Nile Virus, I say. Tomorrow I must do work, possibly marbling of cards for embellishment packs, or maybe I'll just stamp the cards, the marbling can be so tedious. The Embellishment packs will be Purples, Pinks, Neutrals, Greens, Ocean, Fall, Drama Queen (Black, Red, Gold) We wanted to do Blues, but our supply of really nice blue stuff is down, and much of it went into the ocean packs. They are REALLY gorgeous, we put them in Cello Bags, so they look like candy!
Okay, this is enough prattle, I'm going to try to go and finish the little black and white clip Postcard tonight.

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Michelle said...

I hope you are laughing with me and not at me ; )

You do beautiful work!