Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The one where Kai is introduced

Today I got one of the Purple postcards embellished, then stitched over the tulle. I don't like it, but I decided I'm just going to keep going until I do. I know, sounds futile, but I hate messing around with stuff and then leaving it half done. Right now, I have one piece of useable fantasy fabric, and I can cut it up if worst comes to worst, and use it on something else. It rained here today, and now the temperature is nice and cool! I took a nap, so of course I'm WIDE awake, and probably will be for hours. Since I joined a couple of Knit web rings, I decided I should take some knitting up to bed with me tonight to work on until I am tired. Tomorrow is the momentous day for the Girly girls. They get their Lion cuts. Of course, it will have to be the coldest day of the summer. I don't think it will hit 70! AND, Poor Kai gets the little nasty on her paw cut off. She's kind of hungry I think, but she can't eat after 10pm! I'll include a pic of her (because I also joined an elkhound ring--wonder how many of the rings I can line down the side of the blog, here?) so that everyone can see what caused me to cross over to "The Dark Side." Since the kids have been on the computer with the scanner all freakin day long, I'll have to wait til tomorrow to scan some of the projects from today. I also ironed up some more angelina, cut silk pieces in floral shapes, and tried a crayon transfer from a crayon drawing that my son did (it didn't work)

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