Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The (only one) where Tom Cruise is considered less of an idiot than someone else

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lets see how this turns out. I sewed all the clips to each of the postcards, and this is the first 3. they don't look all that hot in this picture, but I had to jam them in. PLUS, like a moron, I decided at the last minute I was going to satin stitch around that one in the middle (instead of flystitch) then realized about half way around that hmmm, maybe STABILIZER will stop the two edges of the postcard from trying to meet. (sigh)
Today was a fun day, I went and saw War of the Worlds with Reilly. Well, that wasn't the funnest thing, I have to say. The movie was uncomfortably frightening, and now I KNOW I am headed for Geriatria on a non stop course!!! It used to be fun to be scared by a movie, but I found myself just TOO frightened! (Of course, I should have realized my nearing geriatric destiny when it occurred to me that if I kept up Skiing, that I would eventually break a hip.) Anyway, for those of you who think you might see it, don't read anymore!! Here's the spoiler: The ending SUCKED!! As scary as the movie was, the ending was like...boom boom, we win, and now everyone's happy...lalala! in about 5 minutes, everything was over, and Tom Cruise was reunited with his family. YEESH. I really wanted to boycott the movie because I am so disgusted by Tom and all these antics of late. What a freakin moron! But, Tom, you got my buck because I wasn't going to drag my kid to watch another pair of Morons (Brangelina) draw out foreplay for 2 hours. See, the final stage of Geriatrics...calling EVERYONE and EVERYTHING a Moron, or Moronic. I'm developing nicely, I even have the hugeass underwear, and I walk around squinting at everything and saying "Heh??"
The other fun thing was going to my wireless company and picking out a new phone (because my kid lost my last one)and getting one with all of the bells and whistles! It walks, it talks, it gives crossword hints! Camera, txt msg, web, the whole 9 yards. I also picked one out for My daughter, since her birthday is coming up, and she really wanted a phone. That made me hero for the hour, let me tell YOU. Bath and Body was having a HUGE sale, and I got a whole shopping bag full of crap for 50 bucks...REALLY fun! As it happens, Rob picked up a new set of Vtech phones to replace our really old Vtech system, so just about every person in this house is holding a damned phone and pushing buttons. That's all the news for now. See yas!


ginger said...

these are turning out wonderfully...I agree with you about the geriatrics..I call them bucket underwear...and Tom is a scienetologist ..nuf said...adorable cats...my last kid left Monday for boot camp...and I am opposite ...empty...not all that good so far... Ginger

arlee said...

gee, i guess i'm in that camp too with the betsybigbuttbloomers, sigh....