Thursday, July 07, 2005

The one with the girlies haircut and I start knitting again

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And herein lies madness! These poor girls, they have had quite a day. Believe it or not, I opted to have this done to them, they were not kidnapped and integrated by a band of mad catloving skinheads. They were so hot, and their fur was getting so matted under their little armpits (because they won't let me brush them for longer than 3 seconds) and I think they DO feel a little lighter, but not happier, for sure. Babs is PISSED, but for some reason, she isn't displaying it toward me, but toward poor Tessie! Every time Tessie comes near, Babs Hisses and swats at her :( Kai is not quite ready to come home as of this writing, but I am hoping really really soon, because I miss her.
We went to the Mall, and Rob got a new phone. We had hugeamonga discounts available to us because we haven't renewed our contracts in forever, so we got nice phones. Rob, of course, because he researched after he saw what we got, went and got a supercool phone...a Motorola E815. Now I'm Jealous, cuz I could have gotten it for the same price! But, it is a very nice phone and has all the latest hotcha features (and I have 15 days to return this one and get THAT one if I want LOL)
I also went to Old Navy and got some new clothes. They have fairly new plus sized clothes, and I managed to find some things that didn't repulse me utterly. I got another pair of Khaki capris(can never have too many of those) plus a couple of tanks, a Lime green eyelet lace skirt, and a cool little sweater thingy (with the long tailies in front that tie) in Hot pink. THEN! When we got home, my order from Dick Blick was on the doorstep! I got a whole starter set of fluid acrylics, a set of iridescent Shiva Paint Sticks, plus a polymer medium and a fluid medium. I am really looking forward to using them!
So, what have I gotten done? Well, if you consider I went to bed after midnight, and I was knitting (that's today!)Then I got a little bit done. I had some Koolaid dyed wool that was really nice, in a variegated Orangey red color. I started a small amulet pouch with it. I guess I should explain the whole little purse thing. This is my obsession. When I learned how to knit last year (I knew basics before, but never went any further than REALLY REALLY long leashes, collars and scarves for my cats when I was a kid) I tried one pattern for a felted purse and REALLY loved it, so then I decided to try to come up with my own design, and from there, it was complete insanity. I must have made about 30 some odd little amulet pouches. They finished up so quickly and felted so nicely, and were so easy to embellish. I tried SOOO many different things, I admit that I got a little obsessed! When we were in the middle of buying our house last year, I packed up my yarns and needles FIRST and vowed that I wouldn't use them again until after the move was over and we were settled. I was sorely tempted, I have to admit. Anyway, I can see that little obsession coming back FULL FORCE. I might have to inquire about whether or not carpal tunnel surgery is something my insurance company will pay for if I keep it up! Anyway, if something comes of the experimentation with my new toys, I'll try to scan it in, and maybe I'll just scan in some of those purses I had so much fun with. Don't bother asking me what patterns any of them were, or what pattern I came up with, because I basically made each one of them up! (oh, and it SHOWS, let me tell you)

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