Thursday, July 07, 2005

The one where Kai is limping on the wrong foot

Poor Kai! She came home all drunk and staggery. Took us about 2 hours before we realized she was limping. ON THE WRONG FOOT! Now,we're not sure what happened. She bites at us when we try to look at either foot, and it is obvious that both are VERY sore to her. I am really hoping they didn't do something to the wrong foot! So, I will need to call the vet tomorrow. I also decided that I am going to trade my phone for the Motorola pimped phone that Rob has! I also looked through all of my Dick Blick stuff, and realized that they didn't send me an ink that I ordered, so I have to deal with that. I've probably spent a total of 12 hours this week speaking with customer service reps! I slacked off and didn't get out to play tonight in the studio, but I'm going to do some more knitting tonight. These things usually work up really'd be cool if it were done to felt by the weekend, then I could do some funky beading or something. Anyway, II have gotten some nice comments on my page, and I've gone around and bookmarked a bunch of blogs/websites to make Links here for you. Thanks for everything, you are too kind!

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