Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I just noticed the advertisement down below was about "The Journey to the Wild Divine" so I clicked on it...really WEIRD stuff, but cool, too! It's an interactive biofeedback program that you use on your computer...sort of virtual reality enlightenment, I guess. It comes with a testimonial from The Dalai Lama (or at least those representing him.) Anyway, it's way too freakin expensive, but if it is still there, click on it and take a look!

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Sirius Strutten said...

I got here after you posted at on my blog. I saw your comment about Journey to the Wild Divine, and want to tell you it's tons a fun in a sort of eastern biofeedback kinda way. It can be new agey at times, but making balls float with you breaths and heart rate is an exciting way to get focused on your body.

Ok, Just got done watching a docu. on Man Ray and off to bed.