Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The one where I get sick of using these stupid titles

Yeah, I"m just going to use regular titles from now on. Sorry for not updating, I have been working on the tree postcards, and that's about it. I got the steam blown out of me by a rather mean-spirited comment, so now I am feeling guilty about all my blogging activities and like I ought to be doing something "more productive." I guess I am finding it hard to balance things to everyone's satisfaction. Anyway, before this becomes Robin's EMO blog, I guess I ought to get back to business.
I just finished 2 more shiva tops. I am really getting into a more tactile relationship with the oil sticks (hmmm, that just doesn't quite sound right anyway I type it) they really need a hands-on approach to blend and blend them. I read something about colors and not just using a brown, for example...but trying to create brown by using different blends, so I'm experimenting with that, as well as softening and muting color by blending in a bit of the analagous color. I am sort of, I don't know..."color tone deaf," as it were. Not that I don't SEE or recognize colors, but that sometimes I find myself a little stumped by how to utilize or combine them for effect. It probably comes with doing mostly line drawing and not painting...something that I found too challenging when I was studying art in school.
In other news, I can't freakin wait until school starts and I have my house back...can I get an AMEN, sistahs? (and bruthahs, if you're out there!)

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Michelle said...

What a blowhard! I'm sorry you got a mean comment. You can borrow one of my old combat boots if you need to do some kicking.