Friday, August 05, 2005

The one where I attempt to recover from a week of insanity

Hello, I am back...hard to believe that I didn't blog for nearly 3 whole days!! I have been in CT, and helping mom, and visiting with my buddy down there. I have been working today in the studio, and I got 3 postcard tops done. I decided to use the Shiva Paintsticks, but I am going to need to seal the pictures somehow. I assume I'd need the same stuff as for Oil Paintings, but I will look it up. These look okay...sorta foggy, but very oilpainting-like (oddly enough) I used some cards that my son's art teacher sent home with him when he told her that I worked with textiles. (I am, of course, paraphrasing here) These are pretty cool cards; some sort of paperbacked moire. They DO have printed line drawings on them, but when I cut the cards in half (they make 2 4x6 postcards) it cuts most of the picture out of each card. So, I did oilstick stuff on 3 of them, (and now my hands are nearly black! ) and now they have to dry. The backs got sort of messy, so I'm going to attach some batting and muslin to them to finish. I realize I haven't submitted any sort of pictures, but I don't have a card reader on this computer, now, and I don't want to get oilstick all over my scanner bed (whine whine whine) I found shiva paintstick sample sized packs on sale at Michaels...3 for a buck!! I bought everything they had left! I found that they are not SO bad to use as I originally thought, but as noted above, blending the colors as much as you need to will make you look like a chimney sweep.
Anyway, I will leave you with a reminder of just how adorable my puppy is. Her daycare called earlier this week (we hadn't brought her in because we were home all day) and asked if Kai could come and play for free! One of the girls that works there really loves Kai, and this is her last week before she goes off to "her real job" Kai went today too, and brought home THIS report card=======>

Cute, or WHAT....LOL


Caitlin O'Connor said...

So cute, that report card!
The shiva sticks will dry - they only take a coupla days, then heatset them with an iron to be absolutely set forever. Much easier than oil paints!

Anonymous said...

I love you Robin