Sunday, August 07, 2005

The one where I finally do something constructive on a Sunday

YAY!! I have a stalker!!! **see comments below**

These are the Shiva postcards I did the other day.
I iron/set them today, and it actually DID set the stuff pretty well, but I think I still got some on my scanner glass. Oh well. Scanning them brought out smudges and stuff that I have to fix before I send them out, but this should probably be about the last of them that I need to send out. I still need to back these with something...and maybe I'll overlay them with tulle, just to make absolutely sure that they don't rub off on anything. People on the Quiltart list were saying that they DO set well on fabrics for wearables and stuff, though. My oldest stepson flew back to Delaware last night, and I'm really going to miss him. He's a very quiet kid, very patient with Reilly, and social with was nice having him. Work is an absolute mess, with a couple of crazy climber type patients who also happen to love to yell all night long, and keep me running. Annnnyyyyway...I have to work for someone on Monday...4 work days in a ROW????!!??? Insane!!

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