Friday, August 26, 2005

Our First Anniversary!

A very productive day! I managed to get 5 of the "Anything but Cotton" PC's done. I used the embellisher and attached wool in a sort of paisley motif, then used that cool lame stuff in the centers of the paisleys (paislies?) The embellisher holds the layers together really well, but I found out by accident that you should ALWAYS embellish from the top when embellishing onto batting, or else you get a nice white fuzzy film over the top. The one thing I don't like is that it really causes the stuff to pucker up and it remains a little crooked when it is sized up. On the right are two of the ones I finished last. Actually, the one on the bottom isn't finished because I was a dumbass and put the glitter glue on before adding the backing and stitching the binding, so then I had to wait for it to dry.

Rob and I went to Border's Mexican Grille for dinner tonight. YUM. Actually, what was really yum was the bacon wrapped scallops that we got for an appetizer. They were brushed with a sweet lemon bourbon sauce that really cut both the fishiness (not that bad with scallops anyway) and the fattiness of the bacon. Rob and I made bacon wrapped scallops once when we were on Atkins, and not knowing any better, we dipped them in drawn butter. UGH! I ordered a seared tuna cucumber salad which was...well, exactly that. An overcooked piece of Tuna (well, not terrible, but I really love raw tuna) on top of a cucumber and tomato salad with an italian dressing. I honestly thought it would be a lot more, but it was decent and edible, and since I have to work tonight, light enough not to make me feel like a giant bloated tank. Rob got his usual trio of enchiladas, beef, chicken, cheese. The cheese was luscious. It was nice to get a night to ourselves, since I don't think we have actually had that since...well, at least several years now! We were happy and giggly and holding hands like teenagers, fun! Holy Criminy!! Look at the time! I'm off to work!

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