Sunday, August 28, 2005

stuff and nonsense

To hold myself accountable, I really ought to show my stupid outputs as well as the ones that are halfway decent, so I'll post this, today. I woke up after only sleeping 3 1/2 hours today. The thing that was in my mind was, Could I use my really thick wool yarns to create a binding for my cards using my embellisher? It seemed like it could probably work, and would be a lot less trouble and provide better coverage for the edges than futzing with the tedious satin stitch. I couldn't get this out of my head! So, finally I had to just get up and try it. Well, it doesn't work all that great, and here is why. If I was merely closing a binding to a simple "sandwich;" Cloth, batting, Cloth, Then this would have worked, but because there was a piece of cardstock in it, it went all haywire. The needles on the embellisher don't like cardstock one bit! Now it looks like I am going to be in some desperate straights to find embellisher needles, and I have looked everywhere online and haven't found any-HELP! I think I might try using stiffy on the batting next time and see whether the needles take that better than the cardboard. I also need to break out some of my roving and use that instead of the yarn. Here is a closeup of one edge that didn't come out very well. I wound up sewing around the edges ANYWAY, because I couldn't trust that the embellishing would hold, and I had to sew in a piece of metallic ribbon that wouldn't go under the embellisher needles. Oh well, I'm just glad I tried something out on a Sunday!
In other news, I came across a really cool idea on another blog and wondered if it would work here. Would anyone be interested in Guest Blogging at all? I'd love to have other voices represented. I know this place is like the A.D.H.D Child of the Blog-o-sphere, and the original theme has sort of broken down, so the guest blog thing could either help me get back on topic, or could help me successfully negotiate a veer off-course. Just a thought.
Sundays are my Fridays, so I'm happy happy happy, but I'm anxious about this week coming up because I have to go to court on a traffic issue and I don't know what is going to happen. Also, Kai's and Rob's Birthdays are this week, so I've got all that nonsense. Oh, and there WILL be nonsense, let me just tell YOU.

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