Saturday, August 13, 2005

Shiva Paintsticks and the Agony of "Myclothsafloppin"

Sorry I had to lapse into utter insanity there for a few posts. I actually had worked on things (really!) but didn't feel like spending the time to write about them. I'm still working on making more Tree PC tops, but I'm running into a snag. When I tried to use just regular muslin, I realized what it was I disliked about using them in the first place. You have to hold the piece of cloth in place very firmly to be able to make a mark using the oilsticks and not have the cloth keep folding up on you. I am thinking maybe I need to just go ahead and back any cloth that I want to use right away, or develop a little wooden frame to tack the cloth to so that it will stretch out and stay firm. So, I went back to using those nice paper backed moire cards. Today I primed one of them with white acrylic to get rid of the line drawing in the middle of it. (this is a white one, and I don't want it to have a dark background) Oh, and I found out today that they are going to run another fundraiser for cancer using the postcards, and they will be sold at the IQF in Houston, so I'm going to try to get a few done for that. I also worked on the aerial view card that I had started, originally thinking I would send to the first fundraiser. I used the shiva sticks to put in more fall color throughout the green areas, and I really like the look. Except for the floppy fabric problems, I really love those little sticks! I want to get a lot more colors. Of course, I am working this weekend, so usual weekend conventions apply--I probably won't get a lot done. But, if I come up with anymore cool "hero generators," I'll be sure to install the results!

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