Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Little Whine with all of the Cheese

As predicted, I did nothing creative. I'm starting to get a little worried and anxious about deadlines and all that I have to get done. I get so mad at myself, because I feel that unless I sign myself up for these things, I won't have a goal for my projects, but once I do sign up, I almost never make my deadlines, and this is an almost willful thing. *I* know what the deadline is, and still it doesn't quite make it. In fact, I will tell myself on any given day that it is time to head to the studio to work on some of my swap items, and I will start to feel NOTICEABLY fatigued and sleepy right around that time, or oh! the dog needs to go for a walk, DONT YOU, etc. I'm hoping that this has mostly to do with the kids being home for the summer, and not about ME having too much of a good thing and being unable to appreciate it (the good thing being a lot of time off and space to have all of my art supplies)

Whenever I'm at work, I think that I would have liked to have some of my things so that I could draw or sketch out ideas that I have. Whenever I DO have some supplies with me, I always feel I have a beret and smock and I'm standing in front of a canvas with my thumb up so that everyone will KNOW I'm an ARTISTE! I don't want to share what I am doing with others, and I get embarrassed if they ask, so I just keep the stuff at home, it's easier that way. One way or another, I want to develop a sort of kit that I can have with me when I travel or am just driving. I always NEED a camera when I don't have it, and my camera phone seems to have trouble sending pictures to my blog, so I'm at odds. I have all of the resources, but none of the timing.

Anyway, enough whining. The weather here is BEASTLY hot, and I don't believe our area got any of the rainstorms that Boston got. I am hoping that the weather is going to cool down for the show next week, or we'll be just miserable packing and loading the stuff. Poor doggie doesn't want to do anything but do her "dead cockroach" position in front of the fan or the air conditioner in the bedroom. The cats (surprise, surprise) just lay around and give little half wahhh's when we pat them. I'm ready for fall.

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