Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Doggy Birthday Card/Self abuse

Okay, I'm sure I've hit a new social low. I just finished printing out a birthday card. For my Dog's friend at daycare. Yeah, I know. But, he is a cute little friend, and he signed Kai's birthday card on her birthday, so I feel it was important that she have a card to give. She showed her approval by biting the corner of it, which I thought added a nice personal touch. Hey, what do you want? At least I stopped short of inking her paw and making a pawprint! (only because I don't want to get ink on my bedding)

I am going to start on making a self portrait this week. I am not sure how I want to do it...postcard, or quiltlet or what, but I'll start getting materials together anyway. This might be another hellish week, I'm thinking, so we'll see. I have been singularly uninspired this past week in terms of my blog, especially since I ran out of deadlines and projects that I needed to get finished. I might have to sign up for a few "call for entries" and put a little stress on myself. Left with enough time, but no structure, I will vacillate between the computer and doing ANYTHING else but artwork, so I need a challenge. The postcard swaps were good, but so many people count on you to be on time and I hate letting people down. Some of the groups I'm in are very relaxed with the rules, but one particular group is sort of narrowminded...you don't DARE drop out after the signup deadline or they'll boot your ass.

Some of the projects I've been interested in starting are:

Chunky Book
Self Portrait Quilt/Postcard
Christmas Project(s)
Knitting a gift(s?)

What is needed is for me to phrase this in the form of a challenge, and perhaps combine 2 or more of the ideas. Another goal that I would love to accomplish this year would be to make, sign, and actually SEND OUT some frigging christmas cards. I've been an adult for how many, maybe 15 years? and I have YET to complete a christmas card sending cycle. I am the worst. THE worst. No, YOU aren't. I guarantee. Especially since I BUY the GD cards every single year, but neither sign, nor address any of them. I probably have the worlds largest and singularly most psychotic collection of unsent christmas cards. Anyway, I am anything but tired, but I ought to get to bed. Hasta!

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Michelle said...

Man oh man the Christmas Cards. I have a closet full of them. And even worse I have a set or two signed and sealed, but not delivered.