Monday, September 26, 2005

A Quickie

Mum-in-law left Saturday, so soon more time to gab. Poor hurricane stranded son to return to civilisation on Thursday, and then all will be much better with the world. I am, of course, at work and in a rush, so I won't make this long. Our visit with MIL went very well and nice. A very short, relaxed visit. I finished the sample website from Fusion7, but now am very gave me no design layout tips. BLEH. I guess I am going to have to tweak a bit. I got my studio space cleaned up a bit and it looks very very inviting, which is lovely, since the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors arrived on Friday YAY! So, looking forward to starting up with that. Anyway, must rush back to my unit (heh...I said unit) and save the world. Bye!

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