Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem.." Which, of course, I don't

The last holdout in my quest to finish this purple swap, and then I am not signing up for any more swaps. What I was thinking I might do, instead, was to check what swaps are on, and then try to make whatever cards I could BEFORE I sign up. Then, I won't have this terrible commitment problem. Worse comes to worst, I have extra postcards that I can have good intentions to send but never do send ever ever ever, amen. This card might garner the scorn of the (unnamed) critic, considering that it is just one piece of fabric. But, it is a piece of velvet. a gorgeous piece, I might add. I iron-embossed it with an Iris Stamp, then fiddled around with embossing powder for about an hour to try to make it stand out a little more. I have to admit that it was lovely on its own, but with the words "just two pieces of fabric slapped together" ringing in my ears, I didn't want to leave it at that. I stitched the centers with some yellow thread, batted it, then quilted around with dark invisible thread. It feels luxurious and looks pretty nice, despite being rather plain. Unfortunately, and I knew this would happen, the velvet, embossing and quilting don't stand out very well on scanning. I tried upping the details and contrast, but it was very touchy with such a dark fabric. I hope it goes through the post okay.

What else...um, I bought netobjects 7 today, to see whether I can configure some semblance of a better template for this site. I also wrote to the webdivas to try to get one made as well. I honestly want to learn more about it, even if I have someone else do it for me.

I didn't do much else today...hid out in the house. Anyone else out there a virtual hermit? I am. I just love my house. A LOT. I have my kids, hubby, cats, puppy, computer and studio, so there's not a whole lot of reasons to leave the sanctity. Except for food. That's a big one, so I do shop...under (silent) protest. And of course, to work, but that only happens on the weekend, so I've learned to deal. Oh, also to buy supplies for said assorted loved ones and studio, but thank goodness for my computer and internet connection :) ahh yes, the internet. Enabling Agoraphobics everywhere for (depending on who you talk to) over 20 years!

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