Thursday, September 08, 2005

Information UNDERload/Crackwhore Daycare/Yes 18+20=38. Here's a Cookie.

These cards are getting easier and easier to make, and they are just so much fun. I have a feeling I should probably stop posting them each day, since they sort of look all the same, but they actually ARE all different. I have one more to make tomorrow, get them out and hopefully, I'll be ahead of the game.

Funny Call today: My Cell phone was ringing, so I looked at the number, and it was some strange number. I picked it up, and some guy says, "This is Verizon Wireless, May I speak to (Some strange name I don't know)?" and I said, "Uhh (because I always say that first when I'm perplexed or simply asked a question, for that matter) You have the wrong number..."
"What, this isn't the number of (Some strange name I don't know)?"
"Uhh (yeah, again with the Uhh...I'm going for historical accuracy here)...No."
" Okay, sorry, have a nice day!"
So, I hung up and I'm thinking...WTF? Wouldn't THEY know the number?

I am babysitting my little Nephew who is 2 1/2. He is definitely not acting like a 2 year old. Give this kid a couple Thomas Trains, and he's like a crackhead fresh out of CheckCashers...This kid has PURPOSE, yo. He basically stayed within the same 4 foot radius running his train around and making the obligatory rrrruummmruummm noises for more than 4 hours! I actually forgot all about him, which was kind of mean, since he was out on the sidewalk. *

Well, it finally happened. After 20 years of life on the run, I was turned in. The cruelest blow was finding out who turned me in...and it wasn't even in exchange for money, good drugs or a lighter prison sentence! My MOTHER turned me in to the High School Reunion Goons!! (Yeah, go ahead, haterz, your math skills don't scare me!) So, they wrote to me, and they're all like, "Ooo come to our reunion! We'd Luuuurve to see you!" and I'm all like, "NFW, you psycho clones, get thee hence!" (because that sounds cool and medieval and stuff.) Actually, what I wanted to say was that I'd prefer a swifter reunion between a sharp stick and my retinas, but that seemed sort of rude at the time.

*No, I was just kidding, take your righteous fingers off of the comment clicker!

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