Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thank God It's Goingtobemondayin3days!

Friday was a nice easy day. Watched my cute nephew (cute pics with dog to follow later) who was an angel, visited with my friend, got two more purple cards finished and sent out and took a nice long nap. Last night, I purchased a gorgeous quiltlet on the art doing good site, which is for Hurricane Katrina relief funds to be donated to the Red Cross. PLEASE, if you don't know about this site, please check it out, since you can make a donation AND get a very nice art quilt in exchange. Most are by artists a lot of us already know, and they are all gorgeous. I found out that I got my time off to go to The Quilters Gathering in November!! My mom and I are going to be vendors there again this year. Last year was a great show, and I am offering the same special I offered for the show in August. Come to The Linenlady booth, mention '30 days,' and get a nice discount or a free gift. That's about it for today, I expect a slow weekend, but I still have a few more purple cards to finish.

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