Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Internet's Most/Least Wanted

So here is the offender in question. No, this isn't it, but the materials used to fabricate it. Toward the end of this damned tree swap, I got so desperate due to my lack of inspiration that I took this fabric, put batting behind it, then I embellished the gold silk ribbon and the fluffy stuff into the edges, then I finished it. You might be wondering, "Why the hell did you go to so much trouble to dig this sh*t out to show your shameful work?" Good question! The answer goes something like this. I took the cards to work with me before I sent them, hoping I would go straight to the post office the next morning and discharge this burden from my life in short order. While at work, I shared the cards with my co-workers. Yep, you guessed it! One of them went straight GAGA over THAT card, and wanted one made for her! It was definitely the second most popular card after the birches, oddly enough. So, with an unusual amount of planning on MY part, I put aside the exact materials so that I could make her one after all of this craziness passed over. In a way, I am glad that THIS was the card that the swappee was not happy with, because it really didn't take very long to make. But, it WAS the first project I used my embellisher on :(

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