Friday, September 02, 2005

Destructive Criticism

Well, I have said before that although I always want to have my opinion, I am STILL pretty sensitive and hurt easily. I got to put it to the test today when someone on one of my postcard swaps wrote to me basically telling me that my tree postcard was crap. (she did put it in nicer terms, yes) In a way, I thought it was funny, because she has her own group, and the reason she was writing to me is that she wanted to ask me NOT to join any swaps on HER list, because the bar is "quite higher" on HER list, and she would feel as though SHE were responsible if someone wasn't satisfied with my work. HAHA! Anyway, I have a feeling I know which card she received, and she's probably QUITE right, that it WAS crap. oh well.

I woke up with a terrible headache didn't go away with caffeine, rest, eating, tylenol, aspirin or sudafed. I couldn't sleep any more, and by this afternoon, I was so upset, I just sat and cried. That actually helped, so I went and took a shower and had some soup. Now I'm better, and I have had so much sleep that I could probably work for the next 3 days straight and not need sleep (shyah right.) I worked with the embellisher for another strippy type thing like yesterday. I took strips of silks and some spangly fibers and mashed them into batting. It was kind of hard going, because I think another needle is broken on the thing. Anyway, I'm glad I just went straight to the batting, rather than try to futz around on the organza, although that was some lovely silk organza. So here are is a pic of that card.

I also used some of that cotton I sun dyed, and did some FME all over it. I used a stitch that I read about in Quilting Arts, called the Garnet stitch. Basically, it's FME, but you move around and around in tiny circles. Usually, it's a cluster decorative thing, but I sort of went overboard with the circles, and before you know it, I filled the whole thing. here is a pic of that. Clearly, according to all reports I received today, I am going to have to do a BIT more than this, however! So, everyone knows, I have to work tonight, so there might not be updates this weekend. On the missing son front, I still haven't heard anything, although I am reading on the net that some people have gotten through to families in Saucier, so I am hoping it won't be long now! I tried calling after I heard that and I get that old "due to the hurricane...impossible to make your call right now, blah blah blah" DRAT.

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Michelle said...

How very unexcusably rude! I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of criticism, I don't think it's true at all!

And I hope you hear from your son really soon. I can't imagine the stress you must be feeling over that.