Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I think I may have created a monster...I read some tips on how to promote your blog...and uh, followed them. When I hit the little "wholinkstome" button on the right, I come up with THOUSANDS of links, where before I don't think it was 100. This may be a temporary thing as the blog gets added to these feeds, but it was really startling to look at.

I went to CT to bring formerly-hurricane-stranded son some items and get him set up to apply for his first job--At Dick's! (Insert Joke here) (heh, I said insert!) Anyway, it was a nice day and we did a lot of running around and then went and had a very good lunch at Neon Chicken, which is a VERY cool little eatery in New London, CT. It is sort of like a Boston Market, but privately owned, cheaper, and with better choices. Then I had to run straight home to pick up my son from football, my daughter from soccer, and my dog from daycare. Whee! My dog's daycare teacher (HA HA!!) said that she took a NAP today, which almost NEVER happens. Seems they have a new puppy there that Kai has to break in and show the wrestling ropes to. A very busy girl, this dog.

I've been avoiding my studio...I'd almost rather CLEAN than create right now, but the new postcard group just set up its first challenge, and it actually looks very cool and unique. It is based on a very cool poem. So, I suppose I'll be rattling around out in the studio tomorrow getting started. I have nothing witty OR insightful to say, so I'll cut this mercifully short. If anyone floats in from any of the links I started up today, Welcome!

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Christine said...

Cool. Hey, meant to tell you, Michaels has all the stamps on sale. Stamp on!