Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Self Abuse

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with things. It does worry me that my posts are becoming fewer and further between, but I have actually been trying NOT to spend so much time on the computer. Yesterday, I finished quilting the self-portrait. Do I like it? No. But, sometimes, I just think I really need to get all of my bad stuff out of the way, you know? I am actually rather inexperienced with "traditional" quilting, so I just need to DO more. I have a bit more experience when it comes to crazyquilting, and I sort of consider everything else I do an offshoot of THAT experience. I also feel I have to mention that the center of this quilt is NOT a weird rhomboid shape, it is actually pretty square, but I was hanging it by a pin off of a shelf to photograph it, so it sort of lopped sideways a bit. I have cut strips of the same blue material as the center to do the binding, but I'm having trouble with that, trying to figure out how to square it off. Susan Carlson just recommends sort of pinked strips to go under each of the edges, but I wanted to finish it a bit more. My quilting on this is FRANTIC, to put it rather nicely. I decided to do a leaf pattern for the red batik, and then I just outlined the leaves on the other material and stippled in between them.

In other news, Poor hurricane- stranded son is back from Mississippi, and staying with my friends in CT. He is happy to have such luxuries as internet access, hot showers, and grocery stores withOUT casino-boats impaled onto them. He is on his way, as I write this, to the DMV to make an appointment to get his Driver's license! (Sigh) I am OLD.

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