Saturday, November 12, 2005

Chatty Kathy (names have been changed to protect the garrulous)

I work nightshift, so it isn't a far stretch to assume that I might have a few social cogs stripped, which is true. The most fearsome thing for me is the onslaught of the "sometimes-works-nights" chipper girl who is covering for my normal thankfully quiet partner in crime. The SWN girl is a very nice person who was born deaf, but has had some hearing restored through surgery, implants and hearing aids. She has led a very interesting and rich life, is friendly and outgoing, but, tragically, is dull as dishwater and just will NEVER stop talking! She never seems to bring any outside entertainment with her when she works, so the entertainment falls to whoever she is working with. I have tried MANY times my trick of grabbing my book and burying my head in it as soon as I am finished with my initial tasks. This usually thwarts the most diehard of chatterboxes, but not this one. She not only talks continuously but, since she has the hearing issues, will also grab her chair and place it right next to mine, which even prevents me from guarding myself with my book (and this is a prodigious book, "Brides of Hunger") ARGH. So, my only escape is to say, "oh, I have to take a walk to get (whatever.)" If I go back and her chair is still parked next to mine, I am going to scream. Don't say you haven't been warned.

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Michelle said...

Slip her some shut the eff up pills. Don't those exist?