Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I have no freakin Ikea

I just got in the door from our new Ikea here in Massachusetts. oh. my. god. I'm going to need a moment. Maybe several moments. This was an experience like NO other. I didn't buy like a sailor on shore leave, simply because I knew I couldn't fit half of the things that I really wanted into my vehicle. Not that they don't make that very easy for you by packaging the stuff into little teeny boxes, but the stuff I was really interested in was the "AS IS" stuff that was already pre-assembled. I really fancied a huge set of bookshelves that was something like 8 feet by 8 feet. (for 99 bucks!!!) No way that was going into my car in one piece. I settled on a really funky wavy mirror for my daughter, some CD holders for my son, a lamp for our living room (it matches the pumpkin!) and a few assorted little things. The highlight of the evening was finding the Krispy Kreme that was near the place. Too bad they were closed. Here, my sister takes one for the team. Oh and a few for me, too.

(note: no donuts were actually harmed in the filming of this footage)

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Christine said...

Wow, Robin, you are brave. We really want to go down there and check it all out, but we are waiting until the new year at least. I hear it is always a zoo on the weekend. Did you at least get the 99-cent breakfast complete with lingonberries? ;)